Saturday, July 23, 2011

FisFüz Trio : "Ashuré"

Ashuré, the title of the CD was created and is based on the Turkish word Aşure.
Aşure is a symbolized sweet dessert from the Middle East – also known as Noah’s soup. After the Flood, as the legend goes, Noah prepared this soup with the remains of his provisions. As a tradition, the Aşure is prepared at the 10th Muharrem of the Islamic moon calendar. With at least seven ingredients, some speak of 12 or even 41 like: chick-peas, white beans, figs, apricots, penguin nuts, walnuts, raisons, wheat, water, sugar, cinnamon, pomegranates, almonds, cloves,… Neighbours and friends are invited and the soup is distributed to at least seven, 12 or 41 friends and acquaintances.
At the same time is Aşure also distributed among and in return received from various neighbours. It has therefore not only a strengthening and stomach filling effect, it also consists of a ceremonial and conciliatory component.
The soup is shared with others, regardless of their faith or background. The ensemble FisFüz together with Ramesh Shotham are inviting to a „feast for the ears“, while serving its guests a musical delicacy of finest oriental ingredients. The ensemble FisFüz refines its Ashuré with the following 11 extras, which in combination develop an own very distinctive taste.