Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fabiana Passoni : "Naturalmente Brasil"

Brazilian singer and composer Fabiana Passoni is back with a new album she recorded after a 2 year successful battle with cancer. Her powerful, clear voice rises to new levels of emotion infused with the same warm, emotionally-charged tone we heard on her debut album.

"Naturalmente Brazil" is a genuine meaningful hymn to life performed by a singer whose vocal qualities are backed by an artistic sincerity that reaches to your heart from the first song.
She sings form the heart about hope, dreams, love, the everyday life without any artificiality, combining soft bossa-novas and velvet sambas with swing, electronics, flamenco and pop.

Sometimes the melodic line is nostalgic: "Life is too short to ignore the messages that come from beyond" but there is a sense of happiness and joy that emerges from sorrow in the quest for freedom ("I want to do what I want/I am tired of this life/I'll become a hippie.)
"Natural" is an explosion of rhythms and colors, a real hit among the other beautiful songs of the album, speaking about renewal and the nourishing water that refreshes our souls .

Top marks for the outstanding musicians who
complement perfectly her vocals playing a wide range of instruments from accordion and colorful percussions to strings, keyboards and horns.

“Naturalmente Brazil” offers a "natural" life's perspective, one that does not neglect difficult existential questions yet leaves the door open to the miracle of living.
Track listing: Esse João, Maria das Fofocas, Natural ,Não,Baby I’ll Be Back, Baiamor, Ó Vida Ó Céus, Quem Sou Eu, Te Amo sem Querer ,Terça-Feira, Última Chance, Torradeiro, Vou Virar Hippie