Monday, May 9, 2016

World Women Project celebrates Mongolian Mothers and children's day

Artist Ms. Soli Tii founded the World Women Project in September 2015.
The project celebrates the international voices of women from around
the world with over 30 tracks created of music described as a mix of
Chillout, Ambient, World, Jazz, Dark and Experimental.

The project ended in January 2016, but a meeting through an
organisation where she worked with a Mongolian woman prompted Ms. Soli
Tii to invite her to take part in a one-off track for the project.

A quote from Ms. Soli Tii - “When I first met this lovely lady I
immediately thought about the World Women Project. Even though I
closed the project at the beginning of the year I couldn't pass up the
opportunity to have a Mongolian voice on the project. The Mongolian
language is not one that is heard often in Europe and with the
Mother's and children's day coming up on 1st June - which is a day
celebrated in Mongolia - the timing was right.”

The track titled 'Tursin udriin mend hurgii eejee' will be released on
1st June 2016 and available for streaming on YouTube.